Porta Leone Pinot Rosé Spumante Brut

Porta Leone Pinot Rosé Spumante Brut

Sparkling Wines
Tasting Note: 

Clean, fresh berry fruit and a delicate, elegant finish. Pink in colour with violet reflections. A fine and persistent perlage (bubble). Aromatic, fruitful and floral with elegant yet intense notes of wild berries. Harmonious, characteristic and elegant. Can there be anything that says party more than pink fizz?

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Most pink Spumante you will find in the UK is made from a grape called Glera (used in Prosecco) and coloured with juice from Merlot or Raboso. This is a far more intelligent wine, made from varieties that are related, so the wine is far more harmonious and the colour comes out of the maceration of the skins of the red Pinot Nero (or Pinot Noir). 

Food match

Natural aperitivo, light seafood dishes and antipasti.


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