About Milton Sandford Wines

We can guarantee our wines are top-quality – every case, every bottle, every sip. Here’s why:

Quality Producers

We consider our producers as partners, most are family-run wineries, a number of whom we’ve worked with from the very beginning. We regularly travel the vast wine world meeting new people, discovering new wines and expanding our carefully selected portfolio to keep us one step ahead of the trends - leading the way, rather than following it.

Our partners are equally selective in their choice of wine merchant, they want to ensure the best representation of their heritage and products.

Perfect Storage

With a constant temperature of 12ºC, no natural light or vibration, our chalk cellars are widely thought of as the best place to keep wine in the country, mirroring the cellars of Champagne and Chablis. This natural storage makes them the most eco-friendly too!

Personal Delivery

Your orders are delivered in our own vans by our own dedicated drivers to ensure each bottle arrives safely and on time, from our cellar to yours. We cover a wide area, offering scheduled deliveries to assist with your planning. The routes are carefully coordinated to ensure optimum efficiency and are mindful of our environmental concerns.

Should you be outside of our current delivery area, we are flexible and will endeavour to accommodate or make special arrangements to meet your requirements. 

Central Delivery

We use a locally recognised quality carrier to represent us in this area. They are both efficient, flexible and reliable and share our service policy values.


We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, in addition to our natural storage, scheduled delivers and recycling, we are also a registered member of the Waste Packaging Compliance Scheme.

Milton Sandford Wines Ltd is registered with the compliance scheme Valpak Ltd in order to comply with the producer responsibility regulations and to ensure that recycling targets are met. For more information on recycling please visit Recycle Now.