The Cellars

underground chalk cellars in Berkshire


The Perfect Conditions

Not too hot, not too cold, not too bright. The humidity in our cellars is fairly constant as is the 12°C temperature and with no sunlight or vibrations to disturb the wine, every bottle stays in tip top condition. Storing wine is an art in itself – one that comes naturally to our underground chalk cellars in the heart of Berkshire.








From Mine To Wine

Our cellars started life as a chalk mine. In the Second World War, they were converted into an aircraft factory. And in the early days of the Cold War, they were used as a top-secret, highly classified bunker.

History of Our Old Chalk Mine Cellars

Our chalk mine cellars have even been featured in Midsomer Murders!

Check out the British Pathe news bulletin on 'Undercover Factories' which gives some interesting insight into the rich history of our Old Chalk Mine.

Take a Trip Underground

Our chalk mine cellars are a working warehouse, but we sometimes host tastings down in the cellars. If you’d like to visit, please get in touch to make an appointment.

Now Explore Our Extensive Collection

We've got medal winners, everyday drinkers, wines to impress your dinner party guests and everything in between. All our wines are hand picked and we've created a range of mixed cases to help you get the best from the Wine Cellar Club. Let us help you find your new favourite wine.

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Private Wine Storage

Do you have a collection of wines that require optimum conditions for storage? We offer great value rates in our underground cellars. Please contact us for further information and pricing.