Guicciardini Strozzi Spumante di Vernaccia Cusona Brut

Guicciardini Strozzi Spumante di Vernaccia Cusona Brut

Sparkling Wines
Tasting Note: 

A delicately fruity sparkling wine, with a characteristic almond note. Bright straw yellow in colour with a delicate and persistant perlage, the wine is fresh and harmonious.

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 Vernaccia was served at the Court of the Medicis as a ‘’remedy against an overfull stomach…’’  the Cusona estate itself has been producing wine since 994. Not many of our suppliers can claim a 1000 year wine-making history!  The Vernaccia grapes used in the production of the wine are from old vines planted in the 1980s by Prince Strozzi. They are carefully selected to enhance their freshness.


The sparkle is created using the Charmat method, but a period of several months lees aging gives a more complex flavour.

Fun Fact

The family can show an anscestral link to the Mona Lisa and to Winston Churchill.

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