Cava Dominio de Requena Brut Nature

Cava Dominio de Requena Brut Nature

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"Our brilliant Brut Nature Cava in its traditional dress..... Skinny Fizz drinkers, as you may or may not know, we worked with our Cava producers Pago de Tharsys on creating The Skinny Fizz, focussing on the Brut Nature style in their collection of many amazing Cavas. Sadly due to Covid we no longer have the volume of sales required to bottle in our bespoke brand... our vision was to Jazz up Cava, this wonderful natural quality sparkling wine... focussing on the Brut Nature style specifically, meaning that no sugar is added in the production of this wine, still only 0.2g of naturally occurring residual sugar remaining in a glass of this Cava.

It`s what`s on the inside that matters ! Make your Christmas sparkle with CAVA


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Pago de Tharsys makes high quality wines, following a strong purpose of expressing the personality of their “terroir”. They are award-winning Cava specialists from Valencia that use traditional methods together with the most innovative techniques to produce wines of exceptional quality.


The domain consists of 12 hectares of vineyard with limy and sandy soils which are poor in organic material with good permeability. The vines lie high on the Requena plateau, 650 meters above sea level. The climate is Mediterranean with an annual average temperature of 13ºC. Summers are hot and dry with high fluctuation between day and night (fluctuations up to 20ºC). Winters are cold with occasional rains.


Made in the same method as Champagne, the wine undergoes secondary fermentation in bottle. 

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