Champagne H.Blin visit to London

Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 14:30

        After Simon Blin, president of Champagne H. Blin, visited London Anne Krebiehl MW writes in The Buyer:

        "turn the spotlight on Pinot Meunier, the often overlooked blending grape that makes attractive single varietal wines in its own right. A difficult grape to grow with extra canopy work required, Pinot Meunier, however, gives the vigneron a secondary crop should a spring frost hit. A useful benefit these days. And the wines? Anne Krebiehl MW found the range full of generous ripe fruit. Time for this Cinderella grape to come out of the shadows…"


"I think Pinot Meunier is the most challenging grape to grow,” Blin says. “Unlike Chardonnay which has very straight shoots, Pinot Meunier has a bushy habit, so it takes a lot of canopy work and gives a slightly lower crop, a good thing in fact. .......The good thing with Pinot Meunier is that even if it is hit by spring frost, it will give us a good secondary crop. Chardonnay will never do that. Pinot Meunier is really full of fruit and perhaps it does not quite have the long ageing potential of Chardonnay, but do try these wines,” he exhorts.

I did and you should, too – the miller’s grape holds generous, joyful fruit that goes that fits right in with Champagne’s celebratory raison d’être."

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