Chateau Calabre Cotes De Montravel AOC

Chateau Calabre Cotes De Montravel AOC 2016

Tasting Note: 
Lighter style of dessert wine, round and soft with scents of white flowers and peach. Plenty of complex flavours of ripe pear and cooked apple as well as a core of fresh grapefruit, nice weight and viscosity leading to a lively, fresh finish.
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Montravel is an appellation covering red and white wines from an area in the west of the Bergerac wine region, in southwestern France. In the valley of the Dordogne river, the vineyards cover a substantial acreage across the region's low, rolling hills. Terroir in the area is not dissimilar to that of the right bank of Bordeaux, although there are some climatic and geological differences. The soil here is alluvial, deposited over time by the Dordogne river, and is marked by its high content of limestone. It generally takes the form of clay or silt in the vineyards, storing water during the rainy springs to hydrate vines throughout the summer.


Part of the process for preserving the quality of the wines is based on gravity ie grapes go in at the top and wine comes out at the bottom, so he does not have to pump wine around as he does not like to over-handle his wines (poor handling can lead to bruised flavours). The vineyards are neat, and he is using a lot of the old rootstock which contribute intensity and vinosity. Daniel is determined to make Montravel a great wine producing area, as it once was in the 18th Century


Great for pairing with liver parfait, cheese or fruit based dessert.

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