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Toll House Chardonnay 2015

Tasting Note: 
Full, richer, broader style of Chardonnay with melon and peach notes. Gentle oak influences - using 2 year old barrels gives a more gentle flavour. A broad wine with some vanilla and spice flavours, a good mineral core which holds both the fruit and oak up and finishing with a long, bequiling tail, but essentially with enough freshness to cleanse the palate. A very balanced style of Chardonnay as the oak handling has been very cautious and does not dominate the fruit. It is named after the Old Toll House on the bridge over the brook which marks the edge of the estate.
Bottle Size: 


On the gentle slopes of the coastal plain, with some of the fruit sourced from higher vineyards in the Darling range, which adds a degree of elegance to the ripe fruit from the plain.


Typical warm climate techniques in the vineyard include leaf canopy management to protect he grape bunches as they grow, giving them dappled shade to protect them from the hottest part of the day, whilst allowing good air flow. Picking takes place at dawn when temperatures are coolest to make sure there is no pre-fermentation and after pressing the must is chilled on arrival at the winery. Cultivated yeasts are used to keep the fermentation at a low temperature which enhances flavours and preserves acidities. After fermentation, which takes place in stainless steel, a portion of the wine is aged in 2 year old oak barrels for 4 months, then blended back into the cuvee. This gives a background of oak influence without being too intrusive and without needing extended bottle age to integrate.



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