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Sanchez Romate Pedro Ximenez Cisneros Sherry

Tasting Note: 

Creamy and velvety, this a noble wine with dark, dense mahogany colours. Its smooth, delicate aromas are reminiscent of raisins and on the mouth it is very sweet with a long finish.

Bottle Size: 


PX as Pedro Ximenez is often known, is a very sweet and sticky style of sherry rich with thick raisin and treacle flavours that is perfect for serving with rich chocolate desserts, or even poured on ice cream. It might be the only wine to match Christmas Pudding.


To ensure quality from vineyard to bottle Sánchez Romate not only owns its own vineyards—in the best albariza soil areas of Jerez—but also has invested in some of the most modern facilities in the region—all of which are still housed in the bodega buildings located in central Jerez. These traditional cellars with their high ceilings keep temperatures stable and allow the natural yeasts to circulate while the sand floors keep the humidity at the correct levels.


The ageing process is through traditional criaderas y soleras with 500 litre American oak casks filled to five-sixths and arranged in layers of three to four. The company produces three different ranges of sherry, from the classic Romate range to the Reservas Especiales through to La Sacristía—the company’s oenological treasures. The PX is aged in Solera for at least 5 years.

Food Match

A great alternative to Port for blue cheese, this wine also works really well with chocolate and even vanilla, nut or caramel flavoured ice creams.

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