Median Chardonnay Viognier Pays d`Oc 2017

Tasting Note: 
Tropical fruit and exotic spices. The palate strikes the beautiful balance of floral notes and hints of spiciness…rich and weighty with a fruit freshness that belies the extended maturation afforded by this compelling wine.
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All of the grapes are grown on the Domaine , this in an area where a great deal of wine is made from bought in grapes. This control of the vineyards and the resultant quality of the grapes they produce is very important. Soil types vary from clay/gravel mixes through to basalt and volcanic ash based soils and grape varieties are matched to most suitable soil types. Grapes are picked at night to make sure they are cool when they arrive at the winery, this enhances the fruit character of the final wine. Soils are often stony and light in colour, these absorb the heat of the sun and optimising ripening from below the vine as well as directly from the sun itself. Average age of vines is 25 years and the whole Domaine is part of a scheme called Qualenvi which means the Domaine is committed to not using pesticides or artificial fertilizers in the vineyards and is committed long term to sustainable agriculture. Viognier originates in the Rhone Valley, making the great wines of Condrieu and is ideally suited to these poor soils and warm Mediteranean climate


Night picking for coolness, long cool fermentations, gentle handling in stainless steel with nitrogen blanketing all of which keeps the freshness of the wine intact. The Viognier vineyards have good exposure and the flavor development in the vineyard is very good, the wine is rich and heady, scented and voluptuous. Malolactic fermentation is controlled, depending on the conditions of the vintage - acidities can be low, if so, the firmer malic acidities are retained.

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