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Guiseppe & Luigi Anselmi Pinot Grigio 2021

Guiseppe & Luigi Anselmi Pinot Grigio 2021

Tasting Note: 


Pinot Grigio with personality !  Stunning example of what this grape can do when cultivated well... the winemaker captures the true essence in extracting the white stone fruit flavours, unpinned by a  savoury character with bright clean minerality throughout. 


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The popularity of Pinot Grigio has made quite certain that there are any number of totally indifferent wines available - wines produced without care in vast quantities that are characterless and bland. Here is a really characterful wine by dint of its vineyard site and its diligent owners. It offers remarkable value, given that it is offered at the same sort of price as any number of inferior dull versions around. Here is a Pinot Grigio that comes from a dedicated, family owned estate run by two Brothers, Luigi and Giuseppi Anselmi from their own vineyards in the ideal growing region of Friuli-Latisana, not some factory that hoovers up grapes from anywhere in Italy. It is clean, fresh, alive with subtle character, but a delight to drink both with food and alone.


The Anselmi family vineyards lie mostly in Fruili Guilia which tends to offer the best sites in Venezie, on slopes with much improved aspect over the plains. This allows even ripening and the slightly increased elevation means cooler nighttime temperatures which prolong the ripening period, ensuring that maximum character is developed in the grapes before harvesting. In these more delicate, refined white styles this longer, gentle ripening period is very important - short blasts of very high temperatures and unrelenting sunny days tend not to produce delicate nuances and finesse. 


Pinot Grigio grapes are picked in small lots and arrive at the winery quickly from the vineyard. Grapes are de-stemmed and pressed in a vaslin press (a rotating, inflatable press which is considered the most gentle. The must is chilled to 10 degrees and rested for 24 hours to settle solids. Selected yeasts are introduced to start fermentation which takes place off the skins to preserve a pale colour. Fermentation is long and cool to preserve delicacy and the wine is rested in stainless steel before bottling for the same reason. 

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