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Finca Lucia Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Tasting Note: 
Berryish fruit and spiced, slightly roasted earth character, rich aroma of Cassis with underlying cherry, blueberry, cedar wood and chocolate.
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Made by Chile's most notable producers who make consistently award-winning wine and who are in control of their entire production, from vineyard to bottle. A very proud family who combine a respect for tradition with contemporary wine making techniques. Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon is less well known than Merlot, less popular but arguably more serious wine with depth and structure as well as soft fruit. 


Warm temperate climate with a Mediterranean rainfall regime and a wide range between daytime and nighttime temperatures, resulting from the proximity of the Pacific Ocean (80 kilometers, or 50 miles) and the Andes Mountains (60 kilometers, or 37 miles). Annual precipitation averages about 600 millimeters, or 23.6 inches, concentrated in the winter months.

Year of Plantation : 1990

Trellising system : Vertical Shoot Positioned training

Density : 1,660 plants/hectare (670 plants/acre)

Yield : 16 tons/hectare (6.5 metric tons/acre)

Harvest method : Hand-picked. Last 2 weeks of April.

Soil : Deep soils with loam clay texture.


Maceration : Short maceration for 10 days.

Extraction : Traditional pumping-over and punching.

Fermentation : Starts with active dry yeast (Bayanus); developed at temperatures ranging 25°C-28°C (77°F-82°F).

Aging : Wine aged over its lees in stainless steel tanks for three months before blending and bottling.

Food Match

All red meat dishes

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